Manhattan and Beyond
Manhattan and Beyond


Hi! Several of you have asked what camera equipment we use for our photography. Below is a breakdown of the camera and lenses we use for still life photography. More info on videography to come!

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Cannon D-SLR EOS Rebel SL1

The Cannon D-SLR EOS Rebel SL1 is my go-to (and only) D-SLR body. I love this Cannon model because it's small AF (when I bought it, it was the smallest D-SLR body on the market) and provides awesome image quality (which is also dependent on the lens - more on this below). I will always opt for a small camera because (1) I have small hands, so this model is easy to hold (#tinyhands), and (2) when I'm out and about for an entire day, I always want to carry a small, light camera that I can throw in my purse (I know, I know), rather than carry it on my shoulder all day, in part because I don't want my camera featured in every photo, and because it's one more strap on my shoulder - and let's be honest, I won't forgoe the bag. Also, the SL1 provides a fast image processor and has the capacity to take continuous views up to 4 frames per second that make for some awesome candids.

BONUS! It now comes in white (I need to upgrade!)




CANNON LENS EF 40mm f/2.8

The 40mm fixed lens is really practical. I use this lens because of its ultra-slim and lightweight design, and because it delivers relatively high image quality - BUT keep in mind that my use of this lens is truly a function of convenience! While I prefer my larger lens, if I'm adventuring all day, I'm only bringing the 40mm lens so that the camera is super slim and lightweight (otherwise I have to beg Julian to carry the camera with a more complex lens attached). Since I take my camera everywhere, I need to have a lightweight option, and this is it! This lens doesn't zoom, so you won't always get the perfect shot, and setup can be a struggle, but it's a great lens for an average day.

TIP - A photographer recently recommended the 50mm fixed lens as a lightweight go-to, so that will be my next purchase! 


CANNON EF-S 18-200MM f/3.5-5.6 IS

This is an awesome eleven x zoom lens that's ideal for traveling photographers. Although a bit much for an all-day, everyday lens (aka it doesn't fit in my purse), this lens is both powerful and versatile, and will capture almost every image for any vacation. I even used this lens on safari, where the image stabilizer equivalent to the 4-speed gain allowed for great photos of moving subjects even in low light conditions. This was my first lens, and if you are going to start with just one lens for your D-SLR, I would recommend the 18-200mm.





Phatstraps custom made my camera strap in black and white to match pretty much the only "colors" I wear! The strap is padded leather that reduces the strain on my shoulder, and has a soft suede lining that is comfortable against my skin. This strap is especially great when I have my 50-200mm lens on the camera. There are tons of customizable straps available - Etsy is a great resource!