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Meet Daisy & Julian, a NYC couple traveling the world


We're Daisy and Julian…

A married couple living in New York City, and traveling the world together.

Daisy is from upstate New York, and developed a love for travel through reading books as a child. She went on her first international trip to London when she was 19 and discovered a love for photography while there. Daisy is an attorney in Manhattan, and in Julian, found a partner who loves to travel as much as she does.

Julian grew up in Connecticut, and is a dual citizen of the United States and Switzerland, where his mom is from. Julian spent summers as a child in Switzerland and Italy, and has been traveling the world since childhood. Julian’s career is in the hotels and resorts industry, and travels for work when he’s not traveling with Daisy on vacation.

Together, they are Manhattan and Beyond, a wanderlust couple traveling the world and sharing their adventures, and inspiring you to explore these destinations through their lens!

It all started when…

Our story as a couple begins in Manhattan. We met during a happy hour on a hot, humid, late September afternoon on a rooftop bar behind the New York Public Library. We connected immediately, and although Daisy had dinner plans that evening, she invited Julian and his friends from the happy hour to join. Not wanting to impose, at first he declined, but when Daisy arrived at the restaurant that evening, she was surprised to see Julian and his friends at her table - the only empty chair conveniently next to Julian.   

Afterwards, Julian invited Daisy on their first date for cocktails on the rooftop of Gallow Green. Although Daisy was at least 45 minutes late, Julian waited and they enjoyed cocktails and conversation until closing. Gallow Green would become the second life-changing rooftop encounter for them. The next day, Julian cycled down to Washington Square Park to meet Daisy in her neighborhood. They visited for hours before Julian invited Daisy to a party in SoHo that evening, and - unlike Julian and always happy to impose - she accepted immediately.

After an eventful year of endless fun, with the Bethesda Fountain as his backdrop, Julian proposed to Daisy with a ring he designed himself, underneath the beautiful overhang of the Bethesda Terrace in Central Park. 

We love to travel often and far.  We took our first trip together just six months after meeting, and found no destination or trip more desirable than a safari to South Africa. The trip was spectacular, and since then we have traveled together to the Mexican Pacific coast, the San Blas Islands of Panama, the Amalfi Coast, Nova Scotia, and Julian’s family’s native Switzerland. It was not long before Daisy and Julian were married, true to form, in a spectacular Château in the Dordogne region of France.

You Can Find Us…

We love living in New York City. In Manhattan, we often bike through different neighborhoods, have coffee in Washington Square Park, dim sum in Chinatown, stroll through the West Village, explore the City’s many amazing restaurants (always returning to the same few time and time again), bike along the West Side Highway and through Central Park, shop on Fifth Ave, namaste in the City’s most zen yoga classes in New York City, roll our eyes after finding ourselves at yet another Soul Cycle class, pop into our favorite museums (the Met and Neue), chase after the newest cocktail creations at rooftop lounges (which was obvious from the way we met), bike to outer borough beaches, and especially love spending summer weekends in Montauk. We love attending the New York City Ballet, Broadway, and the opera. 

We are always seeking out our next travel destination, and often look to visit unique and inspiring places. Daisy loves history and culture, and Julian loves to deep sea dive, and often our vacations include as much variety as possible!